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Weather in Amsterdam

The weather in Amsterdam is very much like what you might expect back home – in a word, unpredictable! With an oceanic climate, like the UK, it is strongly affected by the North Sea which means that whilst you never really know what to expect, it will never really get too hot or cold.

Winters stay generally mild with temperatures generally not dropping below -5C.In the summer the average daytime temperature is around 22C so not unbearably hot. Between these extremes, you will generally find that the weather mirrors the east coast of the UK although it can be more affected by the continental climate than we might find back home.

If you plan to visit the iconic tulip fields just outside of Amsterdam, the second half of April s generally considered the best time of year to go although any time in the spring will stand you in good stead.For most of the other numerous activities in Amsterdam, these are generally unaffected by the weather and can be done year round although our advice would always be to check the mid-term forecast before you travel to ensure that you have t he appropriate clothing with you.

Hottest Month AUG / Coldest JAN / Wettest NOV / Most Sunshine JUN / Best for Tulips Mid APR – Mid MAY

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