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Red-light district In Amsterdam

The red light district - or "De Wallen" to call it by its proper name, is one of the oldest areas of the city centre and despite the consternation of some, is one of the most popular places to visit for tourists. It is very likely that you will have heard about this neighbourhood and to be honest, everything you will have heard is probably true...

As with most red-light districts, there are the obligatory sex shops selling all manner of videos, sex toys and clothing for the open-minded. But what sets this area apart from other red-light districts is the very open nature of what goes on here - prostitution being closely controlled but very visible here. In fact it would be very hard to miss it as it is in the many windows that line the sides of the canals.

Apart from the sex shops, sex shows and prostitution, however, this is a fascinating part of the city and is worth a visit even for the prudish to see the 14th century Oude Kerk (Old Church) which dominates the area and keeps a watchful eye over the less "religious" goings-on...

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