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Amsterdam Cycle Tours

Bicycles are an integral part of life in the Netherlands largely due to the fact that the country is one of the flattest around. And this of course applies to Amsterdam as much as anywhere else...

As with any major city, there are bus tours, walking tours and canal tours but one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways to get around is by bike - seeing the city at street level and in "real time". And of course being a city of bikes, it is geared up for cyclists with cycle lanes all over. Whilst a very safe city to cycle in, it is sometimes not for the feint hearted with trams, buses and throngs of tourists to contend with, however, the careful and experienced cyclist should have no problems.

If you fancy taking the healthy tour of the city, there are numerous operators around the city. As an approximation, expect to pay €12 per day for a bike rental. Rent-A-Bike is one of the largest operators and they can be found at Damstraat 20-22.