How to spend 5 days in Amsterdam

Posted By  Webmaster , 13-Jul-16

Amsterdam is an enriched city with its beauteous brick walled buildings and all the more enriching history. If you are planning to spend five days out of your busy schedule it is quite appropriate to have maximum fun during this time period.

DAY -1

Walking and witnessing things around you in a natural and tranquil manner is more satisfying and interesting when you are on a visit to behold a city like Amsterdam. On this first day, while walking there is lot much you discover about city’s history and the views on the way are brightening as well along with the captivating canals flowing side by. You can take a small boat to enjoy the stunning beauty of the city Amsterdam. Canal tour is really bliss to bank upon.

Van Gogh is one of the most distinguished tourist spots of Amsterdam. Crowds flock to this museum to see painting painted by famous artists. Next to Van Gogh museum there is Rijksmuseum

Few hours are consumed easily while being there at this museum. Classic Dutch painters’ works and objects of great art are placed inside this beautiful museum. Tulip Museum is not only flowery but feasible as it does not pinch your pocket much.

DAY – 2

Take a bike and roam leisurely to and fro in Amsterdam city.  The number of bikes is far more than that of people in the city. Everyone loves bikes and riding bikes. Most populated and basically residential hub of Amsterdam is Jordan District. Anne Freak House is one of the landmarks where tourists often pay a visit. There is a fragrantly fascinating flower market in Amsterdam.

DAY -3

On the third day you can hang out a little more. Red Light District. One cannot doubt about the area as it presents a calm picture during the day. As the night falls, there are many wanderers who are found under the heavy effect of booze. Not much time should be spent here during night time.


Now your eyes must catch some scenic beauty scattered around you. The largest and crowded park in Amsterdam is Vondelpark. There is fun and sport spread everywhere. People relax here. Bookholics must rush to Amsterdam Library and have a look at it.  Reading a book in a calm way has its own charm. There is a huge cluster of museums in the city of Amsterdam where one can spend quality time. Naming the top ones are Rembrandt House Museum, Jewish Historian Museum, Van Loon Museum etc.

DAY -5

Shopping can never be avoided when you are on holiday trip. Flea market named Waterloopien Market invites shopping lovers. Foodhallen is better place to have food as the name suggest.

There is lot much to do in Amsterdam. Just explore it the way you want.

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